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    Smile Welcome to Castlot!

    Background of Castlot

    Castlot, a featured online MMORPG, is set in the background of Britain's defense against the Saxon invaders in the early 6th century. The world at that time is mainly separated into two factions—the Bright and the Dark, led by Arthur and Lord Blackmore respectively.

    In the year of our Lord, 449, darkness plagues the people of Britain. Weak rulers have unleashed mercenaries on the land in hopes of driving away Northern invaders. The plan worked all too well. Noticing the weakened state of Britain, the Saxons quickly overthrew local regents and expanded their own kingdoms, leaving the country broken and powerless.

    However, not all hope was lost. Resistance amongst the people has increased and clans have combined forces. From all corners of the country, mystics converged to appoint a leader to the new clans, a nobleman named Arthur. Aided in his ambition to unite Britain, the nobleman vows to pull the country out of chaos and return it to an era of prosperity.

    All the while, shadowy forces are aware of the resistance stirring amongst the people. Lord Blackmore, a practitioner of the dark arts, aims to help the Saxons through controlling the mind of the Archbishop. To discourage any further disruptions, he has sent forth black knights to remove anyone who challenged his power. But will he realize his ambition?

    In the dark faction, the tides are changing; Lord Blackmore sees that the Britons can't possibly fight forever. His reach covers most of Britain, but without a clever cohort to be his spy, he cannot take the country.

    While in the bright faction, with Arthur as the leader, it is their duty to protect Britain. Whether by force or by magic, the bright knights must set upon a deadly quest to save the kingdom.

    Will you be the spy that Lord Blackmore seeks, or will you journey forth with Arthur and the Bright Knights? Will you be the one to make history? Or will choose the path of honor?

    More news of Castlot will be on its way, so keep an eye out for it!

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    This is a great game you have made You have really got a good story line and you obviously have looked in detail at the history around that time! Unlike other games that are mostly all incorrect and inaccurate

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